A vital component in the well-equipped kitchen, our copper sauté pans provide the ideal conditions for properly executed sauté recipes.  The reactive nature of copper facilitates the higher heat settings required when sautéing, while both maintaining accurate temperatures and responding to subtle changes in temperature quickly and efficiently.  The higher sides of the copper sauté pans retain moisture, and the comfort grip handle makes usage safe and easy. This is copper cookware designed with reliability, quality and durability in mind.

Sauté Pan 20cm

Thickness 2,5mm
Diameter 20cm
Volume 1,6l
Height vessel 5,5cm
Total length handle(s) included 36,7cm
Total height handle(s) included 15,5cm
Weight 1,88kg
Falk ref INO2560SF
Matching lid INO1052SF
Equivalent in Signature range 2560S1810
EAN code 5425029590359

FALK copper cookware. Handcrafted in Belgium

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