Cauldron 28cm

Our cauldron is ideal for long slow cooking. The stainless steel lining will never interact with food, ensuring your recipes taste as you intend. It’s large capacity makes it superb for bouillabaisse, stocks, soups and consumes. The solid copper body distributes heat evenly, maintains constant temperatures and is thermogenically reactive so you always have control of the temperature. Higher sides retain moisture and conserve liquids for perfect consistency every time.

Thickness 2,5mm
Diameter 28cm
Volume 9l
Height vessel 17,10cm
Total length handle(s) included 39,3cm
Total height handle(s) included 17,10cm
Weight 4.55kg
Falk ref 2574S1810
Matching lid 1055S1810
Equivalent in Classical range INO2574SF
EAN code 5425029591271
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