Stew Pan 28cm

At home on the hob or in the oven this is copper core cookware that lends itself well to any kitchen environment. Whether stirring up a batch of delicious chili or oven cooking a rich boeuf bourguignon, you’ll discover a multiplicity of uses for this fine copper core vessel. Designed with longevity in mind, these copper core stew pans will provide decades of reliable service while managing to retain that blush of youth. A fine contender for your growing collection of useful cookware, these copper core stew pans are dependable performers.

Thickness 2.5mm
Diameter 28cm
Volume 4.55l
Height vessel 8.7cm
Total length handle(s) included 39.2cm
Total height handle(s) included 10.7cm
Weight 3.05kg
Falk ref SCS2582SI
Matching lid SCS1055SI
EAN code 5425029592476
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